(Read the update below on how you can earn one additional pack per week and new promo codes)

The 2010 World Cup in South Africa will soon be here and I hope the rest of the world is as excited as I am.  As in any major sporting events, companies and organizers are creating collectibles and promotional items in bunches. You can find almost anything with 2010 World Cup logo on it.

One of the item I am excited about is the Panini Sticker album. I collected a lot of Panini stickers when I was little; the Disney and the World Cup. This year is no different. Well, actually there is. Instead of buying the real stickers, Panini is partnering with FIFA to create a virtual Panini sticker album.

You don’t buy the actual stickers. Instead, you will sign in to your fifa account (you need to register for a free fifa.com account in order to participate) and will be given a few virtual packs a day. Each pack consists of 5 stickers. You can create your own group for sticker swapping or you can swap your duplicate stickers with stranger.  If you complete the album before July 16, you will entered into a random drawing for a hand on one of 100 completed limited-edition hardcover print version of Panini’s virtual online version.

The stickers are divided into 3 categories:

1. Hidden Stickers

These are the stickers you will uncover from FIFA website. Look for the link to add the stickers to your virtual album.

World Cup Trophy (Add the sticker automatically)
2010 South Africa (Add the sticker automatically)
Emblem (Add the sticker automatically)
Jabulani Ball (Add the sticker automatically)

2010 World Cup Panini Sticker Album Page 1
2010 World Cup Panini Sticker Album Page 1

Green Point Stadium, Cape Town (Add the sticker automatically)
Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban (Add the sticker automatically)
Ellis Park Stadium, Johannesburg (Add the sticker automatically)
Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg (Add the sticker automatically)
Free State Stadium, Mangaung/Bloemfontein (Add the sticker automatically)
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth (Add the sticker automatically)
Mbombela Stadium, Nelspruit (Add the sticker automatically)
Peter Mokaba Stadium, Polokwane (Add the sticker automatically)
Royal Bakofeng Stadium, Rustenburg (Add the sticker automatically)
Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Tshwane/Pretoria (Add the sticker automatically)

World Cup Slogan (Add the sticker automatically)
World Cup Poster (Add the sticker automatically)
World Cup Mascot (Add the sticker automatically)

2010 World Cup Stadium Panini Sticker Album
2010 World Cup Stadium Panini Sticker Album

2. Player stickers (11 players per team for all 32 participating teams)

You can only get the player stickers from the virtual packs. Swap your duplicate with others to complete your album.

3. National Team Emblem (32 teams)

You will receive the National Team Emblem once you collect all the player stickers of that team.

2010 World Cup team USA and team Emblem Panini Sticker
2010 World Cup team USA and team Emblem Panini Sticker

How to earn additional packs

There are promo codes you can enter to earn additional virtual packs. In certain countries, you can find the promo code on some Coca-Cola products.  Here are a few promo code you can use to earn additional packs:

3y69p7bj – 4v8qbyu7 – 4TNL2XLY – 7BUY39F7 – 23EJAFW5 – 4L6QUVV5 – 4FBGE83A – 6634L9WC (no longer work)

You should join a collector’s group. Each group can have a maximum of 11 members. When a collector completes his/her first national team, each member on the group will earn a virtual pack.

Update (04/27/2010)

You can earn an additional pack by playing the FIFA World Cup Trivia. You start at Level 1. Each level has ten questions you have to answer. When you complete one game at Level 1, it will unlock level 2 and when you complete one game at Level 2, it will unlock Level 3. When you complete one game at Level 3, you will earn 1 (one) Virtual Pack.  You can only earn 1 pack per week with this offer (the week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.)

Update (05/31/2010)

The above promo codes no longer work.  I am not sure why.  Here are a few codes that would work:


Update (05/31/2010)

You can earn additional pack from Coke Zone by buying one virtual pack with 2 Coke Zone points. You can register at Coke Zone and earn up to 7 points. You earn points by entering the codes found in Coca-Cola products.

Update (06/01/2010)

New promo code COMEMORE (thanks mteodosio)
New promo code 27737426 – 68557128 – 53143310 (thanks Piksi_SRB)
New promo code 72152404
New promo code 28223571 (thanks Daniel)

You can get additional promo code by visiting Panini Group (thanks Abdi) and you will see an ad (like the one below) on the left.  The ad will show a promo code that you can use to get an additional pack.  It’s an animated flash ad so wait until it shows the code and then write it down.

Update (06/02/2010)

New promo code 20563354 (thanks chung)
New promo code 25383605 (thanks Imamovic_BiH)

Update (06/06/2010)

Guys, I just arrived in South Africa a few days ago to attend the World Cup. So far internet access has been sporadic for me. I will try to update it in a timely manner when I get to Durban on June 9, 2010. I will be writing reports (hopefully daily) on this site so please check back once the World Cup starts.

Update (06/09/2010)

This by no means new promo codes. I am merely consolidating all the promo codes from the comment section. Thanks to everyone who contributed. I deleted some comments (duplicate or group offer) to make it more manageable and easier to view.


Update (06/10/2010)

New promo code ABGQK588 (thanks panda)
New promo code BC6CE9XU (thanks Nibzilla)

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