I rewatched “The Secret” last night and I am inspired to create this unusual article. I am going to update this article for 366 consecutive days (1 full year – 2008 is a leap year) of things I am grateful for in my life. If I ever feel down, I will come here and I am confident this article will lift me up and help me get through it. I will move this article to the top of the page by editing the time stamp at the beginning of each month.

I like one of the quote from Jack Canfield, the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul “When you have inspired thought, you have to trust it, and you have to act on it”.

October 2007
19 – to be alive today to share this inspiration with you.
20 – to be born into my family because they are the greatest.
21 – to be blessed with good health.
22 – for all the friends I have because they make this life a beautiful journey.
23 – to have a roof over my head where I can sleep and rest.
24 – to have food on the table for me to eat.
25 – to be spiritual because it allows me to connect with my inner self.
26 – for the good things that happened to my life because they made me want to better myself even more.
27 – for the bad things that happened to my life because they made me a stronger person.
28 – to wake up in the morning and be happy because I know I will have a good day.
29 – for having experienced a multi-cultural life because it makes me embrace differences and diversity.
30 – for getting to know people from all walks of life because it makes me embrace tolerance and resist hate and bigotry.
31 – for growing up in my small hometown where I got to play with kids in my neighborhood which most kids today don’t get to do anymore.

November 2007
1 – for the education I have had because it got me where I am today.
2 – for all the teachers who have taught me throughout my life because I learned so much from them.
3 – for my nephew and niece because they are the cutest so I don’t need to have children on my own. :-)
4 – for people that has touched my life in ways they didn’t even realize they could.
5 – for all the chained emails I received because it means my friends were thinking of me.
6 – for the birthday wishes.
7 – for having a creative mind because it allows me to grow and innovate.
8 – for humility because it makes us more humane.
9 – for my eyes for I can see.
10 – for my ears for I can hear.
11 – for my nose for I can smell.
12 – for my tongue for I can taste.
13 – for my hands for I can touch.

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