1. I Don’t Want To Take That Risk

Nothing will make you poorer than the missed-opportunity you didn’t take. And it all comes down to the fact that you are not willing to take the risk to put yourself in a better situation. No, I am not talking about taking unnecessary and uncalculated risk like jumping off a plane without a parachute. I am talking about taking a calculated risk in making a rational decision to take action.

Many people talk about this opportunity or that opportunity, but when being presented with the opportunity by others, they will find an excuse to pass on the opportunity. After that, they will spend the rest of their life bitching about it … like ‘Dude, I almost bought Google stock when it first came out.’ When you use the word “almost” with something good, it means you just missed an opportunity and you should be kicking yourself in the behind. Quit using the word almost. It’s either you did it or you didn’t. Almost doesn’t mean a damn thing.

2. A Raise Is A Raise

A raise is not just a raise. If you think any raise is a raise, may be you do deserve to be poor and get royally screwed by your company. And quit being religious on me by talking about you should be appreciative of what you have blah blah blah. Because I can tell you poor people are appreciative people too.

I attended a Negotiation workshop last weekend and I learn a whole lot from it. If you work in a corporation, your salary is not a reflection of the value you bring to the organization. Your company might want you to think it is, but it is NOT. You do not get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. Why do you think the person who sits next to you who does nothing all day but surfing the web make the same money if not more than you do? In short, you get what you ask for.

3. Rich People Are Devils

Resentment is a self by-product of not being able to get the best out of yourself or being an underachiever. By blaming others it makes it easier for you to tolerate mediocrity or failure. Rich people put themselves in the situation where they are able to succeed. They push themselves to thrive in everything they do.

Resentment gets you nowhere.

4. Tomorrow Will Be Better

How exactly? Are you expecting an inheritance? Are you going to collect on your lottery winning? If not, why will tomorrow be better than today or yesterday? Isn’t today yesterday’s tomorrow? This is a classic case of procrastinator. They like to put off doing something until they find the motivation to do it or when they simply run out of excuses.

If you have something in mind that you want to do, do it now. Not tomorrow, not later. NOW.

5. I Can’t Do It

So what can you do? You don’t read and write at one point in your life. But you learn how to do it eventually, don’t you? So don’t say “I can’t do it”. It’s either you want do it or you don’t. If you can’t do it, learn how to do it.

6. If

How many times have you used this word when something you didn’t do turn out to be a missed opportunity? This goes back to point #1 I pointed above. It goes hand in hand. People who normally do a lot of #1 will talk a lot about “If I did this” or “If I would have done that”. Basically, it’s just a lot of “if” and woulda, shoulda, coulda.

7. I Could Have Done That

Well .. why didn’t you? Perhaps you have thought about doing it. A thought is just a thought and it doesn’t mean a thing until it’s followed by an action. I am sure there are many ordinary people who have incredible ideas and imaginations.

Ordinary people sit on their extraordinary idea and do nothing about it. Successful people take an ordinary idea and make something extraordinary out of it.

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