Penny AngI just got news today that a friend of mine from college has an ovarian cancer. I am absolutely devastated. Penny was first diagnosed with Adeno Carcinoma (Ovarian Cancer) in December 2005; and since then she has gone through multiple surgeries and chemotherapies. Multiple tumors were found during this time and were removed; only for the tumor to resurfaced again on different part of her body. She is down to about 40 kg (as of March 16th.)

I was so sad to find out the news about her only today; considering I was in Singapore a week ago (my first visit in 6 years.) I would have visited her at Singapore General Hospital and I am sure I will find a strong girl in there fighting this illness with every determination and strength that she has.

Since this article is about Penny, I want to talk a little more about her so those of you who don’t get the pleasure of meeting this wonderful girl in person would at least have an idea who she is.

Penny and I went to school together 12 years ago at Bemidji State University; a small school in Northern Minnesota with a tight-knit community feel to it. Everyone knows everyone else in Bemidji and that’s probably how I got to know Penny. (well, we have a few classes together.) What do I remember most of Penny? Definitely her smile. She carries that with her wherever she goes. She has this calm demeanor about her that makes you feel everything is going to be alright. And more often than not, that was the case.

She was actively involved in the International Students community. I don’t remember a day go by in school without seeing her around; be it in the computer lab, at the hallway, in the classroom, at the student union, at the International Student Office, at the residence hall front desk. She was everywhere. Very social and definitely well-liked among friends.

Reading her blog entries at Caring Bridge only conform what I already know about Penny. She is a fighter. You are a brave girl Penny. You are in my thought and my prayer. Stay strong …

P.S. May I ask each one of you to pay her a visit at her site on Caring Bridge (cookies must be enabled) and to leave a word of encouragement for her and perhaps invite your other friends to do the same? I am sure her family would appreciate it very much. Thank You.

(Update 07/05/2008) Penny passed away this evening in the presence of her loved ones.  You are in a better place now Penny.  Rest in peace and watch us from up above.

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