My 2008 rang in with a hip-hop flavor and loud trumpets noise. It was incredible. 2007 flew by so quickly I didn’t get a chance to reflect what I have accomplished in the past 12 months. In a nutshell, I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of achieving in this one year than any of the previous years (even a few years combined.) 

With 2008 rolls in, I need to write down things I am going to accomplish. No, it’s not a new year resolution. To me, New Year Resolution is a feel-good promise to one self to amend bad things they did in the past. People who want to quit smoking, or people who want to lose weight, or people who want to go to church more often, etc. It sounds more like an empty promise or a false expectation that one is not going to fulfill. It never works unless it comes with a personal conviction about achieving it. Making a resolution for the sake of having one is like saying I want to be a millionaire without doing anything towards accomplishing that objective. In short, bullcrap.  If you have the conviction to achieve a certain things, you won’t call it a resolution. You call it PERSONAL GOALS.

With that said, this year is going to be an exciting year for me.  The first 3 months of the year, I will be away in Asia Pacific to raise capitals and to find new distributors for my MonaVie business.  I found a new calling in life that I want to do more of. Working with the less fortunate, working with the under-privileged, doing something small (however small) towards a greater cause that will benefit the masses. It doesn’t have to be fancy. An hour volunteer work in a local senior housing is an hour you make someone else’s life a better life to live.

In the mean time, I have raised a sizeable amount of money toward my charity work in Indonesia and I will keep doing so until the day I leave Indonesia in February.  At last count, I still have over 35 millions rupiah in fund that I will use for this cause.  My goal is to visit at least 2 more orphanages and do personal donations to family who lives below poverty.  A friend has compiled a list of orphanages and places where we can find families who live below poverty.  I hope I will be able to handle the sight when that happens.

There will be a presidential election in 2008.  I hope it’ll be a new era for the citizen of the world in general, and American people in particular.  A new sense of direction is desperately needed.  I am not going to make my blog a personal political battelfield but let’s just say I want a president who cares about the environment, who cares about peace, who cares about the less fortunate, and one who works for the masses and not certain special interest group be it religion, race, businesses, etc.  I am a big believer in “The Secret”.  You attract to yourself what you focus on.  This world will be a better place to be for everyone if we focus on how to achieve peace instead of how to avoid conflict.  Instead of anti-war rally, we should have peace rally.  One can only hope.

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