This is the next in the series of my thought on Network Marketing. I joined a Network Marketing company at the end of February of this year. It was barely 2 years in existence at the time. I managed to get in at number 278,000+. Fast forward 3 months, and that number is at a staggering 400,000+. That’s a 43% increase in about 3 months. The growth is both phenomenal and concerning. The company has grown each of the month it has been in business. However, with 20+ months of consecutive growth, how long can this trend last?

While I believe this company positions itself for rapid growth, you should do your own research before joining any Network Marketing company. These are some of the things you need to ask when you do your research.

1. Product

How unique is the product? Does the product distinguish itself from other products already in the market? What is the barrier-to-entry? How easy or how difficult is it to duplicate the product? How tangible is the product? Is it a product that can be purchased over and over again? Or is it a product that you only need to buy once?

2. Company and its Management Team

What is the track record of its management team? How long has the company been in the business? How stable is the company?

3. Financial Position

What is the current financial condition of the company? Does it owe a lot of money to lenders? What is the operational income from quarter to quarter or if it’s a brand new company month to month?

4. Operation

How effective is its operation? Does it have a good sound infrastructure going forward to handle the growth? What about customer service?

5. Personal Sponsor

How good is your personal sponsor? What about the people in your sponsor immediate upline? How accessible is the sponsor? Is your sponsor someone you want to build a business relationship with? What about the character? Trustworthy? What about integrity?

6. Compensation Plan

How attractive is the compensation plan? Does it help new distributors to start earning commission? What about other benefits? Can it help you achieve your financial dream?

7. Industry

What industry does the company belong to? What is the growth of the overall industry? What is the projection for the growth? How does the company position itself in the industry?

8. Right Cause

Does the company involve in charity? Does it give back to community? Does it share your value?

Before you do the research, you should set an expectation for each of the questions listed above. You can then compare your finding against your expectation. You can then determine whether that Network Marketing company is right for you

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