Did you install Bad Behavior plugin on your blog? I did and it has worked great. Bad Behavior blocks spambots from accessing your site and leave spam comments. Some people might argue Akismet takes care of the spam comments. That’s true. But Akismet doesn’t prevent the spambot from coming to your site in the first place; leaving the spam comments and consuming your bandwidth.

In the past 7 days, Bad Behavior has blocked 107 access attempts to my site. I usually receive my share of spam comments but now I only had 2. If you have problems with too much spam comments, you should install Bad Behavior plugin.

Bad Behavior Statistic

No product is perfect; Bad Behavior included. I had to re-type this article because when I saved it, Bad Behavior blocked me from my own site. Bad Behavior uses a third party site to validate the ip address and recently the site has been sending out false positive. So if you use Bad Behavior, please update your plugin with the 2.0.11 version released today so you won’t get blocked from you own site. :-)

Anyway, the above problem was not the reason why I wrote this article. Yesterday, I tried to submit my article to Digg. And I kept getting this error
“This link does not appear to be a working link. Please check the URL and try again.”

Digg Submission Error

It’s not possible. The article’s link works just fine. Did my site get banned? Or may be it was my user id? I don’t remember doing anything that warrants either. I tried submitting an article from a different site, and I did not get same error. That means my user id is ok.

That can only means one thing. My site gets banned. Did I over-submit my article to Digg that resulted in my ban? I don’t think so. Did someone try to get my site banned from Digg? I doubt it.

So what’s going on here? Anyway, I did see the following error when I was in my admin panel.

Bad Behavior Error

I knew it was Bad Behavior error. I just didn’t think much of it at the time when I saw it.

So this afternoon I was listening to some music, and all of a sudden it hit me. May be there is a link between the Digg Submission Error and the Bad Behavior Error. I tried it out immediately. I deactivated the plugin and tried submitting my article again and booyah … it works. I was pulling my hair like crazy yesterday trying to figure out what in the world happened to my site that it got banned from Digg. Now I have my answer.

Bad Bad Behavior. :-)

If you installed Bad Behavior plugin on your site and encountered the same problem with submitting article to Digg, try deactivating the plugin, submit your article, and then re-activating the plugin again. I know what you are thinking, and no, I am not abandoning Bad Behavior. It provides more values to me than the little inconvenience it causes.

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