You can’t call yourselves a San Franciscan if you don’t love the Bay to Breakers; especially with Halloween at Castro is now in shamble. And of course the best place to catch the party-goers is at Alamo Square Park.

This year was no difference.  We arrived a bit late and only managed to snap a few photos. The highlight of MY Bay to Breakers has got to be the Don’t Stop Believin’ song at the end of the parade right in front of the Alamo Square Park where the crowds gathered. One minor bummer was as soon as the song was about to finish, the over-zealous cops were blasting the siren trying to break up the party. Someone forgot to bring the donuts.

This was my favorite character of the day. There were other similar costumes but hers was by far the closest to the exact resemblance of that in the movie.

Sorry, gotta blur out the R-Rated

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