First and foremost, I am not here to stir a debate. I am sure the rising food and energy cost have taken a pinch out of everyone’s pocket book. In the past, when the cost of energy went up, people mostly whined about it and then went about their life. But with the cost spiraling out of control, people have to start making an adjustment in their life to accommodate the rising cost.

There are plenty of reasons to be negative about but I tried to find the positive of the situation. Some of the benefits I can think of are as follows:

1. Health

If you’ve been to restaurant or grocery store lately, you will find the cost of food has risen significantly. Some restaurants either raise the food price or serve less food for the same price. Some people would just pay the extra cost and eat the same amount, but I am sure some would eat a little less. US is arguably the fattest country in the world with rampant obesity nationwide so eating a bit less might not be such a bad idea.

At $4.00 a gallon, people are becoming more pro-active in finding alternative to combat the rising cost of gasoline. More people are taking public transportation to work. People are walking more. People are riding their bike to work. Even taking transportation require some exercise. Walking to a bus stop, walking to a train station, or even just standing in a bus require some kind of physical activities. It’s much better than getting in your car and sit your ass down for the next half hour driving in traffic.

2. Environment

With the high energy cost, the time has finally arrived to find a solution. One of the solution is renewable energy. Renewable energy uses natural resources such as sunlight, wind power, rain, etc. to create energy. Not only it emit little to no emission, it has potential to be cheaper than traditional source of energy. With less emission, it also helps combat the global warming crisis.

As I pointed out in point #1 above, with less people driving, the carbon emission from the car is also reduced.

3. Health Care

This ties to the #1 above. People who took the step to find an alternative way to get to work will benefit directly as a result. With increased physical activity, so does the health of the person. With people getting healthier, it reduces the number people who come through the health care system looking for treatment and cure.

I might be a bit naive to suggest with a healthier population and therefore less people to care for, it might reduce the health-care cost; knowing how HMO (health-care provider) would milk each and every single citizen for all its worth. For the very least, it could at least provide a better health-care service (again I might be a bit naive here) with less people to serve. 😉

4. Transportation

With increased ridership in the public transportation, it will help offset some of the deficit facing local municipals who is struggling in the current economy. Not too long ago, the city of Vallejo declared bankruptcy with its inability to come up with money to pay for its debt. I am not saying the rise in transportation revenue is going to fix the problem. What I am saying is the extra revenue can
only help municipals who are facing difficulties in current economy.

This might also provide the boost for certain municipals to build a better public transportation infrastructure.

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