I flew from San Francisco to San Diego at 11 am. I didn’t arrive until 1 pm local time because of a minor delay. I met 2 of my friends at the airport who have arrived earlier in the day. We took a shuttle bus provided by the Cruise to the pier. The pier is about 5 miles away from the airport so the ride is pretty short. I don’t have my ticket in hand so I need to get it at the pier. Since the person in charge is not around, I have to wait for 45 minutes before I can check in.

My cabin mate Kendrick is driving down from SF in the morning. At this point, I am not sure where he is. He might make it if the traffic isn’t too heavy. At around 3 pm, I finally cleared the check in process and boarded the cruise ship. Individuals are not allowed to bring their personal alcohol on board except for wine and champagne. Edith and I decided to buy the wine in town. We checked out of the ship and went to Rite Aid about 5 blocks away. We bought 9 bottles of wine to carry on board with us. We met Alf and Toshie on the way. They were struggling with their huge bags.

We set sail around 5 pm. The weather was great when we left. This is my first time on a cruise, I am really amazed with how big this ship is. I am really excited.

Leaving San Diego

I finally met Kendrick while walking around the upper deck with Edith. He made it on the ship after all. That was a close call. I think he had like 15 minutes before the ship was going to leave without him.

Pool on Lido Deck
Pool on the 9th floor of Oosterdam Cruise’s Lido Deck (Middle Pool)

Pool on Lido Deck
Pool on the 9th floor of Oosterdam Cruise’s Lido Deck (Rear Pool)

The dinner was set at 8.15 pm at the main dining room (Vista Lounge). It’s a sit down dinner. I am never a big fan of a sit-down dinner but I guess I will have to get used to it. I met a married couple from Long Island Brad and Tracey. Brad was in construction and they are both real-estate investors.

After dinner, I was ready to party. The club Northern Light is pretty empty. I guess everyone was pretty tired from the travel. Me? Not so much. It’s Saturday and I am ready to boogie. :-) But when you are on a cruise, everyday is a Saturday. I stayed up pretty late, around 2 am. I met Cristern tonight while wondering around the ship looking for something fun to do. He is an aspiring 24-year-old entrepreneur from San Jose, CA and looking to sell independent music on the internet. Pretty cool chap.

I am calling it a night. There are seminars to attend tomorrow so I’ll need to get my sleep.

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