Today marks the first day of the seminar. A few prominent speakers will speak today. I woke up early in the morning so I could get my badge which wasn’t delivered to my room. They did not have a record of me on the book. It’s understandable since I purchased the ticket 2 days before the sail date.

So next stop was dining room at the Lido deck. Grabbed a quick breakfast and then headed down to Vista Lounge. The first speaker was Bob Proctor. This is the first time I’ve ever seen him speak in person. He was then followed by Mary Morrissey. They spoke only briefly.

Doug Wead

The next speaker for the morning session was Doug Wead. He is an excellent speaker. He wrote a book on president’s children and followed up with a book on president’s parents. He mentioned something about writing a book on president’s siblings.

I will summarize what he discussed in the meeting. If you want details on his speech, you will just have to attend one of the seminar to find out yourself. Believe me. It’s worth it. Doug Wead talked about Working with the Laws that govern the Universe.

1. Law of Thinking
2. Law of Supply
3. Law of Attraction
4. Law of Receiving
5. Law of Increase
6. Law of Compensation
7. Law of Non-Resistance
8. Law of Forgiveness
9. Law of Sacrifice
10. Law of Success

Gerry Robert

Gerry Robert spoke in the afternoon. He talked about how to write a book and give it away as a marketing tool. Being an author of a book carries a lot of weight to someone’s credibility and I have to agree. After all, how many author have you met in your life? I met a guy in Krakow, Poland who was in the middle of writing a fiction and I am sure he hasn’t finished the book. He partied too much. 😉

Some of the steps to write a book:

1. Commit to a date
2. Decide on the objective of the book
3. Analyze your target population
4. Get a jazzy title
5. Design an awesome cover
6. Write it in 40 hours (more on this later)
7. Attract paying sponsors
8. Create ongoing campaigns

Here are his tips on how to write a book in 40 hours:

1. Write down 15 Chapters for your book
2. Cut the 15 Chapters into 10 Chapters and put them in sequence
3. Take each Chapter and add 18 ingredients to it
4. Cut the 18 ingredients into 15 ingredients and put them in sequence
5. Turn each of the 15 ingredients into a significant statement
6. Turn the significant statement into a question and come up with 3 answers

Gerry Robert and Bob Proctor has a program for people who wants to write a book. They will even publish the book for you. People in the program were promoting their book for free during the entire cruise. So I guess they do back up what they sell. From what I heard, the program costs $56,000.

Paul Martinelli

Paul Martinelli was the next speaker. He talked about intellectual mind. He talked about the interaction between our 5 senses (see, hear, smell, taste, and touch) with outside sources like perception, will, imagination, memory, intuition, and reason. He is a very powerful speaker. It makes you want to get up and write down your goals and achieve them.

Paul Martinelli

The seminar ended at 5 pm. I went to Lido Deck after the seminar to play pingpong. I met Zimba from New Zealand. Stewart and Edith are no where to be found. I met them later at dinner and they told me last night they met an incredible woman from New Zealand originally from Zimbabwe who went through adversity and overcame her difficulty and came up on top. And it turned out, the woman they met last night was the mother of Zimba, the kid I played pingpong against. It’s a small world after all.

Anyway, tonight is a formal night so everyone “dress to impress”.

Formal Dinner

We spent almost 2 hours eating and socializing. It was a good fun. We weren’t supposed to be sitting at the same table because we already had our seat assignment. But oh well, we picked a big long table and just sat down.

After dinner, we checked out the Variety Show at the Vista Lounge. It was a good show. Some of the girls are really beautiful.

Variety Show

Variety Show

And I won’t call it a night unless I spent time at Northern Lights dancing the night away. Tomorrow the ship will dock at Cabo San Lucas. It’s my first time to Mexico. I am excited.

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