I overslept this morning. Too much partying at Northern Light is not good for my body. I managed to grab a quick breakfast before meeting up with some friends. We arrived at Cabo San Lucas this morning around 7 am. Since there is no pier, the cruise has to drop the anchor away from the shore. The lifeboat took us to the shore.

We arrived at the shore a little after 10 am. There were plenty of locals selling their services. I know we need to bargain hard to get a good price.

Locals Selling Tours
Tour Operators are selling their tours to the tourists

We were interested in snorkeling. From what I know, Santa Maria is the best place to snorkel. So we started bargaining with one guy for a boat ride to Santa Maria. The price was set at $25 including the gear and the boat ride. Not bad considering we got to see some other places along the way. We snorkeled a bit around the Lovers beach. The water was warm so that was an added bonus.

Cabo San Lucas Lovers Beach
Lovers Beach

Snorkeling at Cabo San Lucas
Snorkelers at Cabo San Lucas

Before the boat headed for Santa Maria, we went around towards the Pacific Ocean. He showed us exclusive areas in Cabo San Lucas on the hill. Amazing houses.

Exclusive Houses on the Hill of Cabo San Lucas
Exclusive houses on the Hill of Cabo San Lucas

After that we headed to Santa Maria. The ride was abous 20-25 minutes long. The place was pretty crowded with snorkelers. I had trouble with the salt water. It hurt my nose pretty bad so I had to catch fresh air from time to time. But the snorkeling was a lot of fun. There are tons of fish. At one point, I had fishes swimming around me and I wondered what the heck was happening. Then I realized one of the guy from the other boat threw some breads around me so the fishes would swim right towards me. It was fun. :-) The coral reef was amazing. The water was warm. Too bad I didn’t bring an underwater camera with me. I would have taken so many amazing photos.

Stewart and Edith Snorkeling on Santa Maria
Stewart and Edith snorkeling at Santa Maria

At around 1.30 pm we headed back to town. We walked around a bit and hung around the marina. Pretty nice sight. The foods are outrageously expensive. We settled for appetizers and some drinks instead.

Cabo San Lucas Marina
Cabo San Lucas Marina

Stewart and I at Cabo San Lucas Marina
Stewart and I at Cabo San Lucas Marina

Around 3.30 pm we headed back for the cruise but not before we took the wrong way back and had to walk all the way back pass the marina … again. :-) After that, we decided to take the long way back to the shore. We walked through town so we got to see the areas.

Cabo San Lucas Town
The Town at Cabo San Lucas

We got back on the ship around 4.30 pm. It was a great day.

As for the night, I partied again at Northern Lights. I met a girl from Chicago named Anna. She grew up in Poland and as some of you know, I have a soft spot for the Poles. They treated me well when I was there in 2005. Anyway, Cristern, Anna, and I ended up talking through the night (or should I say the morning). We went up to the deck and talked about anything and everything. From politics to religion to spirituality and even about astrology. Imagine that. She is a very interesting person. Deeply spiritual. She has even met Dalai Lama. Incredible.

By 5 am, I was very tired and fell asleep on the chair. I was planning on waking up early so I could catch Rev. Michael Beckwith spritual talk at 7 am. I’ve missed the previous two days so I am not gonna miss the next one. I awoken at 6 am. To my amazement, those two are still talking. Goodness me. I headed straight for my room and took a quick nap before starting a new day which technically has started 6 hours ago. 😀

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