I went to bed at 6 am in the morning. I wanted to see Michael Beckwith at 7 am. I have missed 2 of his sessions so I am not about to miss another one. I took a quick 45 minutes nap. At around 7 am I headed to Vista Lounge. I was exhausted. I couldn’t even listen for a good 30 seconds. I left after 20 minutes. I didn’t think it would be beneficial for me to sit in the room while my brain couldn’t muster anything. I went back to the room and slept for about 2 hours.

Today we arrived at Mazatlan. I was supposed to be here years ago to attend a close friend’s wedding but I didn’t make it due to uncertainty surrounding my US visa. Well, I have about 6 hours to make up some loss time. There were 7 of us this time around. We arrived at the terminal and of course there were tons of tour operators already waiting for customers. We bargained with them and surprise surprise, the price got cheaper as we went further away from the terminal. In the end, we got an air-conditioned van and a tour guide for the whole day for $10 a person. Not bad.

Our first destination was the Cathedral. It was beautiful. Reminded of some of the churches I visited in Krakow, Poland.

Mazatlan Cathedral
Cathedral in Mazatlan

After that we were wondering around town. We wanted to see the real Mexico, not just some touristy areas. Our tour guide Francisco brought us to a local market. It was very interesting until we got to the meat market. I almost passed out. We bought some interesting drinks from there.

Market in Mazatlan
Market in Mazatlan

Market in Mazatlan
A Drink Stand at the Market in Mazatlan

Once we were done wondering the market, the tour guide took us around town. We stopped by this cliff diving area. Initially we thought we could do it but after hearing some stories, we were like heck no. It was a 40-foot high structure with stairs leading up to it. Jumping 40 feet into the water doesn’t sound like a big deal except that at this particular place, you have to time your jump to perfection because the depth of the water is depending entirely on the wave that comes in. At the lowest point it would be a 6-foot deep. Jumping 40 feet into a 6-foot-deep water is suicide. Furthermore if you jump as the wave rolls in, you might get swept against the rock. Some have lost their life at that particular place. So unless you are a professional, just enjoy someone else take the risk and donate a $1 for the show.

A Cliff Diver in Mazatlan
A Cliff Diver in Mazatlan

Ok show’s over. Time to grab something to eat. We were at odds with the tour guide fo a bit because he kept insisting on us eating at a restaurant. What we want was a Mexican experience; some places on the side of the street where locals frequent. 6 out of 7 of us are immigrants so we can handle pretty much any kind of foods. I am a firm believer that your immune system needs to be tested from time to time to make sure it has the ability to protect you. 😉

After sitting in one restaurant, ate their chips and salsa and left, proceeded with stopping by a restaurant, checked out their menu and left, we finally found a small little cozy restaurant not far from the first restaurant. This is what we wanted all along. Cheap eat Mexican style. Juanita’s Restaurant. Awesome foods. I ordered myself a chicken fajita. Yummy. And it costs $2. Talking about bargain.

Lunch in Mazatlan
Lunch in Mazatlan

Drinking Corona at Lunch in Mazatlan
The corona is about half the size of a regular corona and the price is about $0.70 each

After lunch, we decided that we wanted to go swimming in the ocean. It was a hot day so why not? The tour guide drove us back near where the ship docked. We had to take a small little boat across to this little island. The water was a little murky. The wave was small so it wasn’t as fun as the beach in Sydney.

Francisco and Joey
Our Tour Guide Francisco and I on a short boat ride across the canal to a small island

Sitting on Hammick in Mazatlan
Sue, Toshie, and Edith Sitting on the Hammick in Mazatlan

Once we made it back to the ship, we went swimming at the rear pool by the Lido deck. Warm water. Ahh nice. And the view was incredible as we left Mazatlan as the sun was about to set on the horizon. Life is great. Tonight I crashed early. I was waiting to meet some of them around 10 pm but I felt asleep around 9.30 pm. First night I didn’t get to party. Oh well … See ya tomorrow.

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