Today was a seminar day. No more fun in Mexico. We were on our way back to San Diego so for the next 2 days, we would be in seminar held by Bob Proctor and his Life Success Production.

Mark Victor Hansen

First speaker today was Mark Victor Hansen. For those who don’t know who he is; Mark Victor Hansen is the co-author of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. He has sold hundred of millions copy of books.

Mark talked about our wants and where they come from. He analyzes the conscious mind vs the sub-conscious mind.

Steve Siebold

The next speaker was Steve Siebold. I thought Steve was awesome. He talked about how to be an effective speaker. He kept repeating his method and it worked wonder each and every time. His tip was ‘Make a point and tell a story'; a story the audience can relate to. His magic word to relate to the audience was … ‘Let me give you an example’.

Some of his tips for great speaking:

1. Add a character to your story
This character is you. You tell your story from your point of view.

2. Self Deprecating humor
When you have your moment of lapse in achieving success, the audience can relate to that. In speech writing, the audience will RESPECT you for your successes but the will LOVE you for your failures.

3. Brushes with Greatness
This story is about famous people and successful people that you met. You don’t do it to brag. You do it to excite your audience and capture their attention.

4. Using props
Distinguish between facts and truth. Truth is perception. Facts is well .. facts. 😉

Wendy Soderman

Wendy spoke in the afternoon. The moment she uttered her fist sentence, I knew immediately she was going to give one hell of a talk. Wendy is not a speaker-by-trade. She was a mother and a teacher who went to hell and back. She told a very powerful life story. I wanted to share her story here but then again I would take the magic away from you if you ever get the chance to listen to her speak in person.

I tried so hard to not shed a tear. Most people in attendance were weeping. Her relationship with Kris (her husband) is something everyone should be envy of (in a good way). I’ve seen them around the ship before she gave that talk and I thought they were a great couple.

Tonight is a formal night. I really did not feel like dressing up so I decided to just grab a quickie at the Lido Restaurant. I watched a dance performance at the Vista Lounge. I watched it twice. I sat on the last row for the first show and on the second row for the second show. It surely made a big difference … a difference between a good show and a bad show. :-)

Dance Performance on Oosterdam during 2007 Bob Proctor Mexican Riviera Cruise
That looks sexy

Samba Dance Performance on Oosterdam during 2007 Bob Proctor Mexican Riviera Cruise
Samba Dance

Hula Dance Performance on Oosterdam during 2007 Bob Proctor Mexican Riviera Cruise
Hula Dance

Hula Dance Performance

After the performance, I headed to Northern Lights. It was pretty crowded. I had a fun time dancing the night away.

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