It’s the last day of the seminar. First speaker was Mark Victor Hansen, followed by Doug Wead. I like both speakers very much. Unfortunately I got a little sea sick and had to miss both of their classes. I headed back to my room to take a nap. I heard their classes today were excellent. I have to go get a note from someone. No matter how good of note taker someone is, you can never beat the learning by being there. You feel the enthusiasm. You feel the power of their speech. So any of you who recorded the seminar for that morning, please be in touch.

I felt so much better in the afternoon. I was not about to miss more seminars. I attended Gerry Robert and Paul Martinelli seminars. Gerry Robert presented in his usual way, funny and entertaining. And during his presentation, he was cut off by Bob Proctor, who announced they just secure another cruise ship for next year Seminar-at-Sea. Only this time, they will be traveling to the Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale. October 18, 2008. Circle that date on your calendar. This trip is worth it. I am sure they will sell out long before the sail date next year; unlike this year where I managed to secure one of the remaining 4 cabins 2 days before the trip.

Paul Martinelli

I have always enjoyed Paul Martinelli seminar and this time it was no different. He talked about 7 level of awareness we possess:

1. Animal
Fight vs Flight. Reacting to what is going on around us instead of responding.

2. Mass
We are programmed to conform “Follow the Crowd” mentality without thinking.

3. Aspiration
The desire to be, or have more than out current circumstances. This is your desire without action.

4. Individual
This is when you begin to express your uniqueness as a human being (through action.) This is when you become more aware that there never has been or will be another expression of life like you.

5. Discipline
Not conditioning or discipline.

6. Experience
The difference between learning and experience.

7. Mastery
We truly begin to respond and no longer controlled by habit.

I like one of his quote ‘What other people think of you is none of your business.’ Take that advise and swing for the fence. Sometimes it’s your worry about what other people think of you that is holding you back. I remember one of the quote I read in Dare to Dream and Work to Win book by Tom Barrett that goes something like this (I am paraphrasing here) “If you know how little people think of you, you will never worry about what they think of you”.

He shared one quote by Henry David Thoreau

“If a person will advance confidently in the direction of their dream and endeavor to love their life they have imagined, they will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”

Very powerful indeed.

Last Night on the Ship

Tonight would be the last night I got to have fun with these wonderful people I met during the entire trip. I am sure in the state of my tipsy-ness at Northern Lights, I might have met a few more people that I just couldn’t recall now. :-)

There were 2 variety shows tonight. The first one was the collaboration of all the performers on the ship. The magician, the Elton John show, the comedian, and the dance performers. The comedian even managed to get the audience to do the chicken dance or whatever dance that was. Whatever it was, it was a LOT of fun. I am disappointed that I missed the solo Elton John show.

After the variety show was over, it was followed by the Oosterdam Idol Final. All four contestants were singing their butt off. I was cheering for Jeanette. She didn’t win but to me everyone on that stage is a winner. They are THAT GOOD.

I stopped by the Piano Lounge to see Billy played my favorite tune Piano Man. He got a little help from Edith. Good time. Good time.

Billy McAllister and Edith Yeung at the Piano Lounge on Oosterdam Cruise during 2007 Bob Proctor Mexican Riviera Cruise
Edith and Billy ‘The Piano Man’ McAllister at the Piano Lounge on Oosterdam Cruise

Billy ‘The Piano Man’ McAllister performing the Piano Man with the help of Edith

When Billy retired for the evening, I went to Northern Lights. A lot of familiar faces. It was the last night on the ship after all. I am sad that it’ll be over soon. I am very grateful for the experience. It was an eye-opening trip for me. And it brings me to another quote by W. Clement Stone “Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve.”

Meeting the individuals on the ship have been the ULTIMATE HIGHLIGHT of the trip. Just being in their presence have made all the difference for me. And last but not the least, all the staff on the ship have been working long and hard to make sure everyone has the time of their life. They are the ultimate professionals. So helpful and friendly. They are the greatest. More than 50% of the staff are from Indonesia and I have had the absolute pleasure to talk and to get to know some of them.

The End

Well, this would bring an end to my report on 2007 Bob Proctor’s Seminar-at-Sea sailing to the Mexican Riviera. The article on Day 8 of this trip was published about 10 days ago. That was actually the first article I wrote about the trip. I like working backward. :-p

See you all next year.

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