CallWave provides a modern voicemail – without changing your phone number. It’s similar to eVoice from a few years ago that sends voicemail as an audio attachment to your email. CallWave took it a step further. It translates the voicemail into text and sends the text to your email. So you can basically read the text-voicemail (CallWave calls it Vtxt–stands for VoiceToText perhaps) without actually listening to the voicemail.

This service will definitely work wonder for busy professionals with blackberry who get stuck in meeting all days. Instead of waiting for the meeting to be over before listening to the voicemail, you can use your blackberry to read the text-voicemail.

I signed up with the service a few days ago and it is awesome. I received 3 text-voicemails today from CallWave and after listening to the actual voicemail, I would say the text-voicemail is VERY accurate. You can also practice your English by leaving a voicemail for yourself and see how accurate you speak the language based on the translation provided by CallWave. I did that a few times today. :-)

You get a PhonePortal page where you can have a permanent, searchable web-based archive that lets you treat all your mobile voicemails just like email. And the best part of it, free reply by text messages or call back from the page. It works internationally too, on the text part at least. You can’t beat free International SMS now, can you?

Did I say I love it?  Well .. I love it I love it I love it.

P.S. One goofy translation that I got was TD Ameritrade. CallWave translates it to PDA Marriage Rate. But then again, whose fault is it? The speaker or the translator? 😉

CallWave: Text is the new Voicemail

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