I caught the song Insomnia on the radio a month or two ago.  At the time, I thought it was Usher.  Yesterday a friend showed me a Youtube clip of the song … in Korean by an artist called Wheesung. And that led me to investigate a bit for this story.

It turned out the original Insomnia was sang by Craig David. On Wheesung Wikipedia entry, it said in late 2008, Craig David asked Wheesung to do a cover version of the song Insomnia in Korean.  The music video was released on February 17, 2009.

I love Craig David’s version the moment I heard it on the radio. But when I saw Wheesung’s music video, I am hooked. The beat is faster and the music video is amazing. Well, I love hip-hop dance so I am bias.

Here are the music video of. You’ll be the judge. Be warned that you’ll get hooked on Wheesung’s video. :-)

Craig David’s Insomnia

Wheesung’s Insomnia

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