I attended a network marketing seminar in San Jose, CA last Saturday. The speaker was Dr. Tom Barrett, the author of Dare to Dream and Work to Win. I learned a lot from the meeting. He spoke on how one can achieve success in the business. There are a lot of topics to cover so I will split it into a few articles.

Few things to keep in mind when you have your network marketing business.

1. Learn to Listen

This is one thing A LOT OF PEOPLE do not know how to do, including myself. Sometimes we just talk too damn much that we don’t listen to our audience. This is one of the area that I will need to IMPROVE on.

2. Figure Out the Level of Commitment

Everyone has a different level of commitment. Is network marketing your hobby? If it is your hobby, then you’ll put in a hobby effort. Or is it a small business? Perhaps YOUR small business? Whatever your level of commitment is, put in a comparable effort to build your business.

3. Demystifying Success

When you want to crack the code to your success, you need to have your end journey in mind. That means you have a clear set goal of what you want to achieve. Some people call it dream. Whatever you call it, you need to know what kind of dream you want to have. He talked about 4 different dreams; practical dream, fun dream, meaningful dream, and significant dream. He mentioned that when you have a significant dream, you want to make a difference in others life.

4. Connect the Dots

I am in the business of health and wellness. When you do your research, you will find out that every 5 seconds, one baby boomer will retire. Baby boomers economy impact is HUGE. This article from 2006 talks about how to play the baby-boom effect.

According to Paul Zane Pilzer, an economist who served as an economic adviser in two presidential administrations, the health and wellness industry was a 200 billion dollars a year industry. Today, that number is at 500 billion dollars. He predicted that number will double in the next ten years.

5. What “Free Day” is

Be careful with what free day really means to you. Is it because you want to take the day off or you have the free day because you simply have nothing else planned for that day?

6. Having New Things

You cannot have new things until you start doing new things. My personal accomplishment in the past few months can attest to that. I am doing new things and meeting new people; and in the process I am learning new things as well. Knowledge is power. I didn’t know network marketing and blogging can be so much fun.

7. Price of Success

The price of success is your discipline. Set your level of commitment and stick to it. There’s no free ride in this business. Well, there are free lunch and free dinner. 😉

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