Tomorrow 07.07.07 is Earth Day. Live Earth, the event to commemorate Earth Day will start in less than 4 hours as I am writing this. Eight (8) major cities in 5 different continents will hold a concert to celebrate the day. Let’s see … New York, London, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Sydney, and Hamburg.

You can watch Live Earth concert live on msn. You better have a good internet connection before attempting on watching it on your computer. While watching the concert and celebrating the Earth Day is fun and all, what action are you taking to save the earth from the climate crisis?

Take action and Pledge Now to make a difference. And no, we are not asking for your money. We ask you to pledge by making a difference in the way you live. Turn off the lights if you don’t use them. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth. Shop for the most energy efficient appliances. Use energy-efficient light bulbs (CFL). Forward the message to your friend and ask them to do the same thing.

This is my pledge

1. I WILL change four light bulbs to CFLs at my home.

Will be done by tomorrow. (Replaced two so far so half check)

2. I WILL shop for the most energy efficient electronics and appliances.

I don’t need any new appliances so check.

3. I WILL shut off my equipments and lights whenever I’m not using them.

Just turned off the light in the kitchen and disconnected my external hard disk so check.

4. I WILL forward a LIVE EARTH email message to 5 friends.

I will send email to 10 friends, put the link on my friendster shoutout, put the link on my Windows Live Messenger personal message, and write this article so I am reaching out to at least 100 people so check.

5. Add my name to the Live Earth Pledge.


My name will show up during Live Earth. Yeeeyyy .. I know I am making a difference. ARE YOU?

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