There is one thing stays true in San Francisco irrespective of time, weather, or the season. The parking situation in the city is a nightmare. There are more cars than there are parking spots (unless if you live in the outskirt like Outer Richmond or Outer Sunset.) I have it happened numerous times when I had to cancel a plan simply because I couldn’t find anywhere to park my car.

Some of the most notorious neighborhood are Russian Hill, North Beach, Cow Hollow, Marina, Mission, Haight Ashbury; pretty much neighborhoods with a vibrant night-life with high concentration of restaurants, bars, and clubs. Not having to worry about parking spot, in my opinion, is a lifestyle enhancer. How nice it is to be able to go anywhere without having to worry about arriving half an hour early just to allow enough time to drive around to find a spot.

Well, now you can. GottaPark, a new online venture, allows you to reserve a parking spot owned by individuals or businesses in the city. You can login to your account, enter the address of your desired destination, enter the time desired, and find availability in the area and reserve it.

And if you own a driveway or a parking spot, you can also make that spot available for rent. You set the available time and the price desired. You provide your contact information and a description of the spot. It will then be made available by GottaPark for other individuals to rent. How much you want to charge is entirely up to you. You will be able to view the individuals and their contact information who rent the spot from you. Payment will be made to you the week after the rental takes place and it will be paid to your paypal account.


GottaPark Reservation
Gotta Park Reservation

Although I am hopeful, I can see two potential abuses with the system.

1. Will there be any verification system in process? How does one know the parking spot is really owned by the poster? Any yo-yo can sign up for an account and put their neighbor driveway up for rent as a practical joke.

2. Says a parking spot was reserved for two hours by Person A, and Person B reserved it for the next two hours. What will happen when Person A did not show up in time at the end of hour 2? Is towing warranted? Or a penalty is enough? GottaPark did address this issue on its FAQ but it still causes a great deal of inconvenience to Person B.

This system will only work under the assumption that everyone is playing by the rule. I am hopeful yet cautious. When you sign up, please put me Joey Rosario as your referral. I am not sure what kind of credit I will get but a credit is a credit and I’ll be happy to take them. It won’t be long before New York and other big cities will follow suit.

And the service starts TODAY (at least that’s what the website says). :-)

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