I stopped by Panti Asuhan (Orphanage) Pondok Si Boncel Saturday afternoon to talk about our planned visit on Christmas morning.  I brought my friend Julie who has done charities of this kind numerous times along to help out.  She will not be in town on Christmas so I might as well seek her help while she is around.   We were bouncing ideas with Sister Philomina, the caretaker of the orphanage on what activities we will do for the kids on Christmas.

The orphanage is well maintained from what I can see.  Getting there was a little tricky.  We had to enter through a small alley to get to the compound. 

The compound has different wings that cater to children from different age group.  As of last count, they have 14 children (10 boys and 4 girls including 4 infants) in 0 – 1.5 years old age group (1 baby is as young as 2 weeks old), 15 children (8 boys and 7 girls) in 1.5 – 3 years old age group, and 60 children (51 boys and 19 girls) in 3 – 6 years old age group. 

There is a nursery for the 4 infants.  The room next to the nursery holds a few toddlers.  One boy is known as the tribal leader (Kepala Suku) because of the way he walks.  He just started learning how to walk on his own so he is still finding his footings.  Overall it was a good visit.  We asked Sister Philomina what we can do to help and what activities we can do on Christmas day.  She communicated some of their needs. 

She told us about an infant who was brought in a few weeks ago.  The baby was born prematurely and has been staying at the hospital since the arrival.  The baby has an intestine disorders; throwing up when fed.  I will find out more info about the baby on Tuesday to see what we can do to help.

In the mean time, here are some of the pictures I took (having problem uploading videos to youtube with my so-called “broadband”.)  There will be more coming during our visit on Tuesday.  It’ll be fun.  I have arranged some games for the kids.  Stay tuned.

Two Kids Carrying Laundry at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel
Two Kids carrying laundry at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel

Wall Pictures of Some of the Kids at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel
The Wall Pictures of Some of the Kids at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel

An Idiot Smoker at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel
I am sorry, but I think this guy is an idiot. Can’t you smoke somewhere else bro? And of all places, you had to do it in front of the nursery.

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