EntrecardWant a Free Advertising on a Heavyweight Blog like John Chow or Problogger? You might want to check out Entrecard.

Entrecard’s concept is similar to a “Drop Your Business Card” at a local lunch bar for a free lunch. But instead of a free lunch, you’ll get a free advertising. Your business card on Entrecard is a 125×125 image button. You’ve seen plenty of those around the blogosphere.

How does it work?

To participate, you have to sign up and install a widget on your site. The widget allows Entrecard members to drop their “Business Card”. You will get 1 credit for each card dropped on your widget. You will also get 1 credit when you drop your business card on other’s widget. When you accumulate enough credits, you can apply for free advertising on any site that installs the widget. The advertising will run for 1 full day. The site owner needs to approve the ad before it’ll appear on the site.

The number of credits needed to advertise on a site is measured by the site popularity. The more popular the site is, the more credits you need to advertise on that site. Entrecard measures the blog popularity by the number of cards dropped on its widget, the number of cards you drop on others, how many clicks the widget receives, etc.

The default cost of 1 day advertising starts at 2 credits. That’s what my site started with. Now it is at 4 credits. That’s nothing compared to John Chow that requires 119 credits (12 days waiting period.) Considering John Chow charges $500 per month for a 125×125 button, your 1 day free advertising on his site is worth about $16.67. I know it’s not prime placement, but a free ad on John Chow is definitely worth a lot more than that. Of course John will need to approve it.

How to get more credits?

The more cards you drop, the more credits you’ll get. You can also send credits to others. This allows you to use Entrecard credits as promotional tool. You can give it away in a contest in exchange of a review and a linkback for an example. You can participate in a contest where other gives away the credits. One of my advertiser Dax Desai is giving away 175 Entrecard credits.


Now this is my thought. For blogger like John Chow or other big-time bloggers, I would imagine they want the number of credits needed to advertise on their site to be as high as possible. That would prevent Entrecard from taking a small bite out of their advertising revenue.

For a small time blogger like me, I think the lower the credit the better. This would encourage others to advertise on my site. I think of these advertisers as new visitors. When they advertise, it is a free advertising for my site.

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