In the last few years, identity theft has been rampant. And with a weaken economy, the problem is just going to get worse. As an individual, there is nothing more important than protecting yourself against identity theft. One way of to protect yourself is to constantly monitor your credit report and see whether there are any suspicious activities on your account. You’ve probably received tons of offer from your credit card company for Credit Monitoring Service, for a monthly fee. That money can adds up quickly.

Under the Federal law, you are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major Credit Reporting Agency; Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Most of the time, the reports are pretty similar. If your objective is just to monitor your credit report activity, I would recommend to just get one report at a time. Instead of getting 3 reports only one time in one full year, you get 1 report 3 times a year, therefore minimizing the time interval between each report; allowing you to catch any suspicious activities early.

I set an annual reminder on my outlook to request a copy of my free credit report from Experian at the end of April, Equifax at the end of August, and Trans Union at the end of December.

To request your credit report, go to and check the box of the agency you want the credit report from. Credit score is not included in the report. This is not an offer or solicitation. The site is maintained by the three major credit reporting agencies to comply with the federal law.

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