I am a sucker for Frequent Flyer programs. Who doesn’t enjoy a free trip to Europe, or Asia, or Latin America? My last 4 trips (2 to Asia and 2 to Australia) in the past 2 years have all been free; and my next trip to Indonesia in a couple of months will be free as well. The fastest way to earn all your miles of course is to fly regularly. :-) Well, it helps that I worked as a consultant a couple of years ago. I received bonus on top of the bonus miles. It’s insane how generous the airlines are in handing out the miles.

However, if you are not a frequent traveler, you can always find ways to rack up those miles right and you can do that right here on your computer … free of charge. With majority airlines revamping their frequent flyer program, you cannot afford to let your account stay inactive and lose all those miles you already accumulated in your account.

I am a member of United Airlines Mileage Plus (which I think the most generous of them all), Northwest Airlines Worldperks, and American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyers. All but one of my free trips have been on United Airlines. I am not enrolled in Continental, Delta, or US Airways frequent flyer programs.

Here are a few website that can help you earn frequent flyer miles on these airlines:

1. MyPoints.com (United Airlines Mileage Plus)

You earn points by reading their promotional emails, take surveys, or sign up for their offers. Easy points are available periodically. Typical email will get you about 5 points. Answering survey will get you about 30-60 points depending on the survey. Signing up for offer can net you anywhere from 25 points to over 1000 points depending on the offer.

You can redeem the points for frequent flyer miles (gift certificate and other awards are available as well). You can redeem 5,000 points for 2,500 United Mileage Plus Miles or 10,000 points for 5,000 United Mileage Plus Miles.

Mypoints.com is a bit stingy with the points but I still manage to rack up the 5,000 points without signing up for any significant offers in a little over a year. Most points have come from reading the emails. To receive enough emails, you should opt-in on every categories of email to receive.

2. e-Rewards.com (Northwest Airlines Worldperks and others)

e-Rewards offers rewards in term of currency for each email you read or for every survey you completed. Some surveys are worth more than $10.00, others as little as $1.00 or less depending on the length of the survey. Although dollar value is rewarded to your currency, no actual cash is paid out. Reward is redeemable in $5.00 increment.

You can redeem 500 Northwest Worldperks miles for $25.00, 1,000 Northwest Worldperks miles for $50.00, and 2,000 Northwest Worldperks miles for $100.00. You can redeem the Northwest Worldperks miles ONCE per calendar year. (Update 09/14/2009: It’s now redeemable once every 6 months (180 days) per Terms and Conditions.)

One thing I don’t like about this program is 75% of the currency you earned prior to June 30th will expire on August 1st. I think it’s stupid because it forces you to redeem an award whether you like it or not. I have earned about 5,000 Worldperks miles, 2,000 AAdvantage miles (redeemable only until June 11, 2008), 18,000 Hilton Honors Points, and other rewards as well.

They also offer Delta SkyMiles, Virgin FlyingClub miles, US Airways Dividend miles, and Air France/KLM Flying Blue miles.

(Update 06/27/2008) E-Rewards is invite-only.  I found this link to register with e-Rewards if you are a member of Northwest Airlines Worldperks Program.

3. e-Miles.com (Northwest Airlines Worldperks and others)

e-Miles offers frequent flyer from Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, and Delta Airlines. You earned 5 miles for evaluating their offers. Sometimes you will get an extra miles if you sign up for the offers. Once you evaluated the offer, you normally answer a few short questions regarding the offer. You can request for the miles to be deposited to the frequent flyer of your choice in 500 miles increment.

4. OpinionPlace.com (American Airlines AAdvantage)

I just signed up for OpinionsPlace in part because I want to keep my AAdvantage account current. You participated in the the survey and upon completion, you will be rewarded AAdvantage miles (100 – 300 miles per survey). I did one survey today for about 15 minutes and received 100 AAdvantage miles as a reward.

Well, I am sure there are plenty of programs out there that offer Frequent Flyer as a reward but for the time being, these 4 are the one I am enrolled in. You want quick miles? Apply for the airlines credit card. Most Airlines credit card waive the annual fee for the first year and you would receive 20,000 to 25,000 miles bonus miles on your first purchase. You can’t beat that.

5. Frequent Flyer Online Mall (Almost every frequent flyer programs)

I am sure most of you have made purchases online. The next time you want to buy something from Dell or Best Buy or Circuit City or other online retailers, go and check whether those retailers offer frequent flyer miles through the airlines online shopping mall. You will be surprised how comprehensive the list is and how generous they are in giving away the miles. For example, I recently purchase a Dell laptop for a friend and Dell offers 3 miles per $2.00 spent on United Mileage Plus Online Mall.

If you know other valuable (i.e. generous) programs that reward Frequent Flyer miles, please do share.

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