After evaluating which network marketing to join, you finally took the plunge and signed up. Now what?

If you are a newbie like me, you probably couldn’t wait to get started. You developed new strategies on how to sponsor new distributors. You worked tirelessly days and nights to improve your strategy.

I am afraid to break your bubble, but the single worst mistake a network marketer can do is re-inventing the wheel; with few exceptions. The business model of Network Marketing will evolve over time but the one sure way to be successful in this business is your ability to duplicate and replicate the strategy that has worked well for others.

I am not saying that you should NEVER develop a new strategy. But if you are just getting started, it makes no sense to invest (read: waste) your time developing something that might or might not work. You might end up demoralizing yourself before you have a chance to build your business.

When your business is up and running, then you are welcomed to invest some of your time developing a new strategy to complement the one that you already used.

HOW Do I Start?

1. Reach Out to Your Sponsor

Most likely your sponsor is your friend or somebody you know. Your sponsor should be willing to work with you and explain to you how to build your business. If your immediate sponsor cannot provide you with the help you need, you can reach out to a higher upline.

Remember, you will be successful if the people you are bringing into the business are successful. I didn’t understand this concept of helping out and reaching out to help others until I joined and my upline reached out to me. It has been a GREAT learning experience.

2. Get Educated

It’s not an exact science. Just like everything in life, if you are new to this, there is a learning curve. It’s no difference than showing up for your very first day at your new job. Your upline should provide you with some materials that you can go through to get yourself educated.

I ignored this step for a couple of months until one day I decided to sit down and went through the materials. I couldn’t believe how ignorant I was thinking I can do it without any helps. The training materials provide so many insightful information, not only on the strategies but also on the product itself. What was I thinking? How exactly was I going to market the product when I didn’t even know the product all that well? That was my Smack On the Head #1 aka duuuhhhh.

3. Ignore the Skeptic

I am sure you’ll run into a few of these during your tenure as a network marketer. There are people who simply do NOT care for network marketing, and that’s ok. It’s not your job to convince them otherwise. Your job is to build your business. You do that by introducing your business to people who are starting their own business, to people who never heard of the product before and who can benefit from it, and to people who do not understand the business but willing to learn more about the business.

Don’t be discouraged if you run into a skeptic. A friend I haven’t seen in 2 1/2 years asked me what I do and proceeded to attack me when I told her ‘Network Marketing’. I didn’t even say anything about the company or the product. Imagine that. That word is like a kryptonite to some people. You just have to leave it alone and move on.

4. Work in a Team

My sponsor is a dear friend of mine. She also personally sponsored another friend I know. All 3 of us are rookies in this business. So after months of goofing around, we put our head together and decided to build this business as a team.

We are going to introduce the business to our friends by hosting a tasting party on July 14th. We figure it’s easier to work together as a team instead working individually. We are going to replicate what has worked well for others and see how it works out for us. One of our upline who is EXTREMELY successful has agreed to help us out.

I will report back with the result.

5. Have Fun

Plain and Simple. :-)

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