Fine, this title could have been a few years too late. Hear me out anyway. Gmail is now supporting IMAP. The main reason why hotmail is still my main email is because of the IMAP support on my Outlook. It synchronized all my emails and the folders so I don’t ever have to do housekeeping on my emails on different machine. That’s the grief I have with pop access. I have reformatted my hard disk a few times this year, and each time I have to re-setup my Gmail account. I set it up in a way that all the new emails I received stay on the server in case I need to access it from a different machine. It’s a major pain in the ass. You can never have synchronized folder or emails. That’s why Gmail was never my preferred email.

That’s until now.  Gmail has enabled the IMAP access.  You can use your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) to access your gmail and have the emails synchronized regardless of where you access it from.  That’s the beauty of hotmail that I like.   I only need to do everything once; be it delete or move to a different folder and it will get replicated to every machine I use.  When you upgrade to Windows Vista, you need Microsoft Outlook as your email client to access your hotmail.  Windows Mail (the equivalent of XP’s Outlook Express) doesn’t support Hotmail anymore.  I guess Gmail has the upper hand with the IMAP access.

Before you can use IMAP with Gmail, you need to turn on the IMAP setting on your Gmail account. That means you will turn off your Gmail pop access. You can turn on your IMAP support by going to the settings and select Forwarding POP/IMAP tab.

Gmail IMAP Setting

An instruction on how to configure your email client to enable Gmail IMAP is posted on the Settings page. I won’t rush to make Gmail as my main email just yet but let’s just say, with over 4 GB in storage and 20 MB attachment, it is making a strong case for it. Come on Hotmail, match Gmail storage and attachment limit.

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