One skill you need to acquire in a hurry to last in network marketing is how to handle rejection. You will meet people who will reject your offer. People are born to resist. That is just human nature. You need to realize that when you prospect a friend or an acquaintance, and they turn you down, that does not mean they reject you. What they are trying to tell you is “It is a good opportunity but I am not ready for it. I like to find out more about it in the future but not right now.”

A lot of times when you ask people who is in network marketing business what their reason is to get involved, most of them will tell you that it was just the right time in their life. So do not despair if one of your closest friend, or your family member, or the person you think will be a great network marketer turn you down. They might not see the same vision you are seeing. Accept the fact it is not the right time in their life to try a new venture. They are simply not ready.

Remember, every person you bring into the network marketing business, will end up being part of your business. You will be carrying them in your business. So be selective with who you want to build your business with. If they are not ready, they might end up dragging your business down together with theirs.

Yes, there is a short term pay-off when you sponsor people in regardless of their readiness. But in the long run, you will be better off working only with people who are ready and serious about building their business.

Just a piece of advice. Do not burn any bridges. Just because they are not ready NOW, does not mean they will not be ready later. When they are ready, guess who is the first person they will call? You.

So stay positive and much success to your business.

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