After last year free wi-fi project failure between Earthlink and the city of San Francisco, a local startup company called Meraki took over the project at the beginning of the year.  It has provided free wi-fi to ten of thousands of people in San Francisco.  You can help out Meraki extends its network coverage by signing up as a volunteer on its website.  Meraki will provide you with a repeater (a device that receives and transmits signal) you can install indoor or outdoor (ideally on the roof) that will serve as a wireless access point for the free wi-fi in your neighborhood.

From the map coverage on their website, coverage is mostly concentrated in the Haight-Ashbury, Bernal Height, and Mission district.  I have signed up as a volunteer but I have not received the device as of today.  The only thing I have received is an email acknowledgment informing me that I will be receiving an email shortly on how I can contribute to the project in my community.  That is the last I heard from them.

Well, I hope this will NOT be another Earthlink fiasco.  It shows promise so far.  For the very least, this project has got off the ground.  If you are a San Francisco resident, you can do your part to help this project by signing up as a volunteer on their website.

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