I have been looking for a new theme for my blog since last September after about 4 months of blogging. I played around with a few themes and spent some time modifying it. But in the end Misty Look theme by Sadish Bala is still better than the one I spent weeks modifying.

Misty Look by Sadish Bala

Recently I started a new project and I am in the market for a theme that would fit. I came across numerous themes including some premium ones. While theme-shopping for my new project, I felt now is as good a time as any to give my blog a face-lift.

There are a lot of good ones. In the end, there are 3 themes that I really like.

I like the minimalist look (read: clean design) of Antropov theme by Cutline. It’s WordPress 2.3 ready with the tag function built into the post. The 500-pixel-wide content area is great because it’s uniform with that of Misty Look.

Antropov Theme by Cutline

And then there is the DeepBlue theme by Nathan Rice. The color scheme is stunning and the 2-column sidebar is definitely a big plus. The menu bar is very neat as well.

DeepBlue Theme by Nathan Rice

For the time being, PhotoshopFox theme by ElegantWPThemes just edged out the other 2. It has tons of built-in functionality that I like. Boxy (read: square) theme is normally not my favorite but I have to say this theme does stand out with its boxy look. I am not too crazy about its color scheme though. I found some bugs I hope I can fix.

PhotoshopFox Theme by ElegantWPThemes

All 3 themes lack a header image. It’s nice to have one but if the header image doesn’t blend in well with the theme, it might end up being a distraction. I will seek an advise from a designer friend and see what she has to say about this.

In the mean time, I will spend more time modifying the theme and incorporating some functionality and the look from the other two themes (Antropov and DeepBlue). Hope you like it.

And last but not the least, thanks Misty Look for being a part of Joefiro.com for the past 9 months. You’ll be missed.

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