I know most of you have had articles published in Blog Carnival but this is my first so let me enjoy my 5-second of glory; if you can call it that. :-)

One of my article, Is Self-Directed IRA for you? is included in today’s Blog Carnival for Personal Finance titled 91 Ways To Wealth: The Carnival of Personal Finance, Epic Journey Edition hosted by The Digerati Life.

To those of you who don’t know, Blog Carnival is a blog event where articles on a specific topic are published. So think of Blog Carnival as an online magazine; published on regular schedule, often weekly or monthly.

A Blog Carnival is hosted by someone on his or her site. Bloggers can submit the articles that are relevant to the topics and the host will select which articles will be included in the Carnival. Normally each person is allowed to submit only one article per Carnival per publication. You can submit articles to as many Carnivals as you want as long as the article submitted is relevant to the Carnival being published.

Blog Carnival is an effective tool to market your site. Many sites have experienced a spike in traffic when their articles are included in the Carnival. We’ll see whether that transpires into new traffics for my site. Most of my visitors are my friends and their friends and may be their friends as well. See, I am doing network marketing even with this site. 😀

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