It has been a long time coming. I have been a distributor for 5 months and I finally signed up my first distributor. I guess I am just going through the growing pains but it’s alright. I am confident everything I’ve learned in the past 5 months will help me grow my business. I guess this is the beauty of the business. You can do it as fast as you can, or as slow as you can. Considering I do not currently hold a full time job, I should have been more aggressive in growing it. I know some people who hit the ground running. It’s wonderful to see them doing well because that will motivate me even more.

Anyway, my first distributor is a dear friend of mine from Australia. That’s right. I am already thinking of foreign expansion. :-) Actually, that’s not the case. I just haven’t had much success here in my own backyard as I have on foreign soil; and it applies not only on my business, but also a lot of other things in my life. Those who know me know what I am talking about. I got more love away from home. I just struck out at home. hahahaha …

I am very excited to finally get the ball rolling. I am also going to sponsor one more new distributor next week. She is located in Singapore. 😉 Now you know I am not lying about getting no love at home.

Once they place their initial order, I will get my first commission. I can finally show off my debit card; given my company once I am eligible for commission. The commission will be paid to the debit card. I was not planning to talk about result for at least another 4 months because I want to introduce the product on my blog before talking about result; but I just can’t help myself.

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