You bet it is. But so is everything else in the world; even a corporation. You have the CEO at the top, the COO, the CFO, the VP, the District Manager, the Branch Manager, the Supervisor, the team-leader and everyone else. And perhaps you are on there somewhere. And if you notice, the pool of people increase as the rank moves lower. And the people below you NEVER make more money than you. How’s that for a pyramid?

And you know what else is a pyramid. Family Tree. You have grandpas and grandmas at the top, or perhaps even great grandpas and great grandmas before that. And then it flows down from there, you have your dad, your mum, your uncles, your aunts. And then you, your siblings, your cousins, your distance cousins, and cousins you don’t know exist. And then your nephew and nieces below you somewhere.

Let’s compare that to network marketing and I will tell you what it is and what it is NOT.

Yes, network marketing is a pyramid, no doubt about that. When you enter a network marketing organization, you will be placed somewhere in that pyramid. But the difference is that you are no less important to your organization than the person 5 levels above you or anyone else in your organization.

And in network marketing, you are the sole driver of your business. You can earn as much as you want, or as little as you want. No one will tell you so and so has to make more money than you. In fact, you tell them how much you want to make. You tell them how much you are worth. Try telling that to your Manager where you work and see what happens. You will either get laughed at or worse get fired.

Now what network marketing is not is a scheme or a scam or a fraud. Sure there are some shady network marketing companies out there. But avoid the company, not the whole industry. You don’t stop eating Chinese food because your last meal in a Chinatown restaurant was bad. I am sure some of you have bad experiences on eBay; scammed by a seller or being sold a product that wasn’t as described. Do you avoid eBay entirely? NO. You avoid that seller. You avoid other similar sellers. You wise up from it. You become selective about who you buy from.

People keep ranting about this scam and that scam when it comes to network marketing. Scam happens. It happens everywhere; not exclusive to just network marketing. You just have to be smart about what you get yourself involved with. The difference is when you were scammed in a network marketing business, you lost a few hundred dollars and were probably pretty pissed off. But after that your forget about it and move on. You want to compare that to the scale a corporation scam? Try telling that to people who are not as lucky; the so-called Enron or Worldcom or Tyco or Adelphia ex-employees. They lost their entire-life savings to that scam, the money they spend their entire life accumulating. Pissed-off is probably not the right word anymore. So please don’t tell me that network marketing is a pyramid scheme.

It’s easy for someone to just dismiss it as a pyramid scheme when you bring up the idea of network marketing. But the whole idea of dismissing someone’s idea without truly understanding it comes from the fear within; the fear that someone might do better (envy), the fear of change, the fear of challenging themselves out of their comfort zone, and I can probably think of a few other fears.

While this fear itself is normally negative that holds people back, I want to encourage you to turn this fear into something positive; something that will raise your curiosity to step out of your comfort zone that allows you to analyze what it is that you fear. It’s no difference than you deciding between a Coke or a Pepsi. If you have been a Coke drinker all your life, you will probably buy a Coke. But if you have never tried Pepsi, don’t you think you should at least give yourself a chance to try it? If you don’t like it; fine, you can always go back to Coke. If you like it; good, now you have more options. Either way, you can’t lose. Don’t we always hear the phrase ‘I want to evaluate all my options’?

Listen, some people will work for the rest of their life. Saving money from their income and may be retire comfortably; if they save enough. They go to work daily, see their family when they get back from work, spending the weekend with them, and perhaps go on a vacation once a year. And then the cycle repeat itself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if that’s what they enjoy.

But if you are in a quest of finding something more, something more fulfilling, something more satisfying, you will do yourself a major disservice for not finding out what network marketing can do for you.

In the free enterprise, where else can you own your business with minimal startup cost and minimal investment with no overhead that allows you to make the kind of money you can only dream about; where everyone from all walks of life have a fair shot of being successful?

Money of course is not the sole motivation. It’s the freedom. The freedom to do what you want when you want. Isn’t that the whole idea of living your life? Not only you get to learn and to grow, but also you get to be in control of your life and your destiny.

Now think about it for a second … Is pyramid really as bad as most people make it out to be?

I thought so.

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