This day will only happen once in my life. I am not planning to live for another 100 years. It’s Earth Day today. Happy Earth Day everybody!

This article will be posted at exactly 7:07:07 am PT on 07.07.07 so I will just say what I need to say.

I am watching the Earth Live concert as I write this article. The concert in Sydney and Tokyo are jam-packed with people who I hope are there because they believe in the cause. If you want to make a difference, Answer The Call and make an Earth Day pledge. We have a moral obligation to hand over this world we live in to the next generation in a better shape than it is now.

It’s a shame how many people are so ignorant to what happened to our beloved earth. One idiot Senator who I don’t need to name even called Global Warming the biggest scam known to man. F… you as…le. F… the government for not doing enough. F… all the greedy corporate CEOs who can’t tell their di.ks from their fat as..s and not doing enough to preserve the environment. China and US … you are the world worst polluter. Please do something to make a difference. Gosh, I can keep going on.

I wish I could just come out like bloggrrl and say what needs to be said without any censors until I realized this website is not supposed to be R-rated and removed all the offending words.

I am not promoting anarchy or violence but now I understand why organization like Earth Liberation Front exists. I will get plenty of flame for this but I do NOT care. It’s a free country. I can say whatever I want.

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