… on my blog at least …

I read some articles on pro and cons about putting ads on your blog, especially in-text ads or ads that are placed around the content. It can be annoying to some people, although some arguments can be made about why bloggers should be compensated for what they do. Well, it can go either or.

As for me, I’ve decided to take down adsense from my page. I’ve made about $12.00 in adsense in 2 1/2 months and about $6.00 in other ads I have taken down much earlier like adsbrite, bidvertiser, and kontera. I’ll leave the referral to the advertisers on my sidebar for the time being because it doesn’t interfere with the articles.

The amount of traffic the blog brings in doesn’t justify the need to monetize it at this point. I put myself in the same group of bloggers who jump on the bandwagon to monetize the blog immediately. But hey, it’s a learning curve and I am sure I learn a lot from this experiment. I will re-evaluate it in the future when it makes sense to do it.

What I’ll do is to keep blogging about my topic of interest. I’ll review things I like and leave the affiliate link to it on the article, and if I like enough I’ll put a banner on the sidebar. That way my blog won’t get too cluttered with the banner popping up all over the place. Instead I will add an image or two to spice up the article from time to time.

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