I chatted with a friend from London 2 days ago. At one point during the chat, she told me she was a bit stressed-out about what Christmas presents to buy her friends. Although the idea to buy presents for her friends is a noble one, I can’t help but share with her My Christmas Spirit.

And then it hit me, I will be in Jakarta 4 days before Christmas. I can organize an event to celebrate Christmas with the children at the orphanage. After all, I talked a lot about sharing with the less fortunate. I have got to be able to back it up with an action. It’s time to step up to the plate and make a difference in someone else’s life. Although I am not a Christian, it doesn’t mean I don’t share “the Spirit of Giving” in this holiday season. Sharing love with children should have no boundaries in regards to religion, race, or nationality.

I talked to some friends in Jakarta who agreed to help organize the event. My plan is to solicit donation from friends, families, and associates. And from the money raised, we will buy Christmas presents for the children and help them celebrate Christmas. I did my research to find which orphanage to visit. I found one; Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel (website in Indonesian) in Jakarta Selatan (South Jakarta) under the guidance of Sister Philomina. The orphanage provides special care for orphans under the age of 7.

There are 89 children under their care; from different religion that includes Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Spiritual. And the background varies from orphans, fatherless, motherless, broken homes, poor family, and homeless.

Here are some of the pictures I found on ITTP website:

Children at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel

Children at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel

Children at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel

I spoke to Sister Philomina about five hours ago; communicated my intention and my plan. She is very enthusiastic about the prospect of making this Christmas a special one for the children. Talking to her actually makes me even more excited. Sister Philomina talked about doing surprises, hiding the presents and make the children find it, and a few other brilliant ideas that I think will be so much fun for the children. I promised Sister Philomina I will stop by the orphanage on the 22nd (the day after my arrival in Jakarta) to discuss the plan in details.

In the mean time, I will work with my friends to raise the money for this event. My target is to raise 20 Millions Rupiah (US$ 2,147, US$ 1 = Rp 9,315) by December 24th and to get at least 20 people to visit the orphanage on December 25th. That’s my 20/20 vision. I actually believe I can raise 50 Millions Rupiah.

If you wish to make a contribution, you can donate through Google Checkout or Paypal. Remember, no donation is too small. It’s all for the benefit of the orphanage and the children under their care. I wish I can say I will match any donations like John Chow did when he raised the money for the Union Gospel Mission, but I am in no financial position to do that just yet. If you wish to remain anonymous, I will leave out your name.

(Update 12/21/2007)
For the Indonesian donors, I opened a BCA account this morning in Jakarta upon my arrival. You can transfer directly to this account 0690250811 under my name Joey Rosario. Please email me when you have transfered the fund so I know who you are.

Donation Drive Progress

Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel Christmas Donation Drive 2007

Many thanks to the following Donors (monetary, time, foods, support and everyting else that are so invaluable to this cause):

Dec 14, 2007

Dec 15, 2007

  • L. Rosario, Sydney, Australia
  • C. Rosario, Sydney, Australia

Dec 16, 2007

  • Anonymous, Bandung, Indonesia
  • D. Ong & F. Susanty, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • A. Wong, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • PT. PI, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Lo G., P.Siantar, Indonesia
  • S. Rosario, P. Siantar, Indonesia

Dec 17, 2007

  • B. Bingei, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • L. Elmufdi, San Jose, USA
  • S. Yue & R. North, San Francisco, USA
  • C. Facun, San Jose, USA
  • T. Hayakawa, San Francisco, USA
  • K. Porter, Birmingham, AL, USA
  • S. Schiro, Baudette, MN, USA
  • K. Reise, Bemidji, MN, USA
  • S. Hsu, San Francisco, USA
  • B. & C. McCann, San Francisco, USA
  • K. Hsieh, South San Francisco, USA
  • W. Lestari & R. Lusari, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • L. Lestari, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • S. Lestari, P. Siantar, Indonesia

Dec 18, 2007

  • J. Herndon, Sacramento, USA
  • J. Conroy, San Francisco, USA
  • M. Payeras, Miami, USA
  • I. Riddle, Denver, USA
  • Rudy, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • Ibu-ibu Sosial (Social Mums), P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • Y. Sutio, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • Mega Karaoke, P. Siantar, Indonesia

Dec 19, 2007

  • L. Cameron, London, UK
  • I. Kaye, London, UK
  • G. MacKinnon, London, UK
  • J. Posman & Kin H., London, UK
  • Y. Tjhin, Fremont, CA, USA
  • J. Silitonga, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • J. Berliana & D. Wijaya, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dec 20, 2007

  • A. Runtupalit, Pittsburg, CA, USA
  • Dunn, Indonesia
  • H. Wijaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Sisi, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • T. Rosario, Sydney, Australia

Dec 21, 2007

  • J. Lensa, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ani, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dec 22, 2007

  • S. Tanudjaja & V. Persia, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • J. Chandra, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dec 23, 2007

  • R. Sumenap, Indonesia

Dec 24, 2007

  • Afandy, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Widyawati, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • F. Chandra, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Acong, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • T. Wijaya, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • E. Lieferdian, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • A. Jingga, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jan 19, 2008

  • D. Masko, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • H. Halim, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • G. Yohana, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • H. Lim, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • X. Yu, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Hendrawan, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • J. Cipto, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Patricia, Jakata, Indonesia

Jan 26, 2008

  • Mubay, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Aunt Esther, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ricky, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Ally, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Suzie, Jakarta, Indonesia

Jan 29, 2008

  • M. Sulaiman, Manado, Indonesia

Feb 11, 2008

  • T. Atmosudirdjo, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • A. Rosario, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • M. Zein, P. Siantar, Indonesia
  • Lo. L, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • W. Thing, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • S. Carlyn, Jakarta, Indonesia

(Update 01/11/2008)

Please check out the photos and videos of our Christmas celebration at Panti Asuhan Pondok Si Boncel.

(Update 01/21/2008)

Don’t forget to check the Drive-N-Drop around Jakarta.

(Update 01/23/2008)

Our visit to Ancol.

(Update 01/29/2008)

Sharing our love with a small community in Tangerang.

(Update 01/31/2008)

Visiting an island in Tanjung Priok area.

(Update 02/14/2008)

Visiting Senior Homes in Tebing Tinggi.

(Update 02/15/2008)

Visiting Panti Asuhan Zarfat

(Update 02/17/2008)

Visiting Children Hospital in Pematangsiantar.

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