I just signed up with Kontera ContentLink and got approved within a few days to publish their ads on my site. The first time I turned it on, the in-text links showed up all over the place. It makes the site looks so messy. The previous article has about 13 in-text links from Kontera. This one article has as many as 17 Kontera links. That’s simply too many for one article.

Could you be so kindly to leave a comment on what you think of the in-text links? Are they intrusive? Does it diminish your overall experience navigating through this site?

I am ready to drop it after one day. Some bloggers suggest to give it a few weeks to have it better optimized for my site. I will check the feedback to see whether I should just drop it right now. I don’t think the money is worth it if it just going to drive readers away.

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