This seems like a publicity stunt but the auction winner of Barry Bonds Record Breaking 756 HR ball, Marc Ecko insists it is not a stunt. He paid $752,467 for the ball in an auction. That’s a tidy sum of money, although it falls short far short of the $3 millions paid for Mark McGwire 70th HR ball a few years ago.

Anyway, Marc Ecko lets you vote what to do with the ball.

1. Bestow it – Give the ball to Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, or

2. Brand it – Burn an asterisk into the ball with a branding iron, adding a permanent footnote, and then send it to Cooperstown, or

3. Banish it – Put the ball on the rocket ship and launch it into orbit.

You can vote for it at the following website before September 25, 2007. Final voting result will be audited and certified by an independent, third-party auditor Promosis, Inc.

I am not sure whether Option 3 makes any sense at all. He already paid nearly three quarter million dollars for the ball. Launching it into orbit will cost him more $$$. I personally think the ball belongs in Cooperstown without any markings. What the man has accomplished in his decorated career is worthy of that.

Vote 756 For the Record

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