I haven’t written for a few days; partly because I want the readers to digest my previous article. I got some feedbacks from readers regarding the topic, both positive and negative. Some of the negative feedbacks includes the high percentage failure in network marketing. I personally haven’t seen the number. I don’t know what the percentage is. I don’t know how credible the information is. And honestly I do NOT care.

All this statistic does is instilling fear in you. It is meant to get you to think twice about doing something. When you have passion for something, regardless of the statistic or the fear or the negativity, you will find a way to overcome that fear to do it. We all know what the marriage failure rate is in this country. It’s 50%. That’s right. One in two marriages is bound for failure. That is not an encouraging statistic when it comes to something that you love, is it? But does that stop you from marrying the person you love? No. Why? Because you love that person. You have the passion. You don’t let fear get in the way of your passion.

I surround myself with like-minded people in this business and all I see are people who are successful. I know people who make $100 a week or $100 a month. And I personally know a person that makes $6,000 a week. Their success to me is not in how much money they make. Each of these people are successful to me because they are doing things they have passion for, they believe in themselves to do what they want to do, they give themselves a chance to succeed and most of all they are taking control of their own life; in spite of what people are telling them otherwise. When it comes to taking a chance on yourself, it is never a failure in my eyes.

If you are interested in statistic, there is only one statistic that holds true each and every time. When you don’t do something, you will never fail. Pretty good statistic; until you consider that you will never succeed either.

So Own Your Life today.

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