Are you tired of your regular job? Are you bored at work because your job is not challenging enough? Do you feel you are wasting your life away doing the same boring routine? But it’s hard to break out of it because you still want a security of a paycheck?

I was in the same predicament a year ago. I didn’t want to do my job anymore. I was just so sick of looking at my computer screen reading lines after lines of codes. Yes, it was nice having a job. I got to travel. It’s nice to get paid twice a month. But I wasn’t growing. I was in a stand-still mode; and it had been like that for a long time.

One day last year after a long talk with some friends, I finally gave a serious thought about quitting. I lost count how many times I considered quitting the previous 8 years only to back off time and time again. But isn’t that what we all do? We get angry, we get mad, and then we cool down and everything is back to normal.

The problem is it was never the job that made me stay. It was the FEAR of not having a job. It’s like an addict craving for a fix. It makes you so dependent on it that it makes you feel how you are ever going to live without it.

But I do not want to wake up in 10 years feeling the same way about my job and my life and not do anything about it when I had a chance 10 years earlier. I owe it to myself to break out of it. So I made up my mind to quit and handed in my resignation. I can’t even describe how good of a feeling it was when I finally did it.

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many people, both positive and highly successful people. I have no idea they are all out there.

So I have been doing a lot of learnings; the real life learning. Now I just have to put that into action and reap the rewards.

If you feel the same way I was, it’s time to step up and own your life. I am ready to own mine, are you ready to own yours?