Yesterday I attended a film screening in San Francisco to celebrate Pangea Day. Millions of people around the wold tuned in to their computer, television, and mobile phone to watch it. Pangea Day is basically a global event to bring people together through film. It seeks to overcome the differences we have by sharing what we all have in common. The broadcast started at 18:00 GMT (11:00 PDT) on Saturday May 10,2008. Locations such as Cairo, Kigali, London, LA, Mumbai, and Rio are linked together to show powerful films, live music, and visionary speakers. Celebrities like Meg Ryan and Cameron Diaz made brief appearance and so were Queen Noor of Jordan and CNN’s Christiane Amanpour. The show was broadcast in seven languages.

I attended the event hosted at Architecture For Humanity San Francisco Office in the SOMA district. It’s a warehouse-type office with a high ceiling. Two projectors were setup in the darken room. Everyone were sitting on the floor, slouching on the couch, or laying down on their sleeping bags. It was a fun experience. You hung out with people you don’t know who possess the same

Brunch were served throughout the entire screening which lasted about 4 hours. There was even a pop corn machine. It was awesome; laying down on the floor on a borrowed sleeping bag eating popcorn and drinking mimosa while watching private screening of world-uniting movies with complete strangers. I think I saw Amy Tan, the author of The Joy Luck Club, in the crowd. Well, it’s either her or someone who looks exactly like her.

It was a fun-filled afternoon. The screening also showed private gatherings around the world. Occasionally, the light will come on in the room and we had about 90 seconds to wave at the cameras so the rest of the world could see us.

There were a few movies that I like. You can view the short movies by visiting Pangea Day.

Pangea Day San Francisco
Main room

Pangea Day San Francisco
Popcorn machine in the corner

Pangea Day San Francisco
Pangea Day San Francisco Attendees

Pangea Day San Francisco
Saying hi to the world

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