If you use your laptop in public as much as I do, laptop theft is probably your main concern. You can’t really take a restroom break without worrying about what you are going to do with your laptop. You don’t want to bring it to the restroom with your either. Do you trust the person next to you enough to watch over your stuff? May be … may be not. If you take a chance and leave your laptop unattended, you might risk never seeing your laptop again.

There are software that can trace where your laptop is. Problem is … you can only trace it if it is connected to the internet. MacBook also has a built-in functionality that turns on the webcam to captures images that you can view. But chances of you ever getting your stolen laptop is pretty glim.

While there’s nothing much you can do about a stolen laptop, there’s a lot you can do to prevent it from being stolen in the first place. You can always a security lock; but you would look like a fool if you use one in public. I think the best way to protect your laptop in a crowded place is to use a deterrent device that attracts attention; similar to a car alarm.

I found this little software (about 300 kb in size) that would do just that. Laptop Alarm emits a loud alarm when the power cable is unplugged, the mouse is unplugged, the mouse is moved, or the laptop is shutdown. You can set the password and change the mouse sensitivity before you activate the alarm.

Laptop Alarm

Please be warned that you should NOT use a speaker while the alarm is activated because of the risk of permanent hearing damage. This thing is loud. Click the play button below to sample the sound.

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