With gas over $4.00 a gallon, it has never been a better time for people to consider walking more and living a healthier life. While it’s nice to live in a city or a neighborhood with a lot of parks where you can take a morning or an afternoon walk; what if you live in a neighborhood that is not walker-friendly? If that’s the case, check out Walk Score and find which neighborhood in your city that is walker-friendly.

Walk Score ranks city across the nation to find which city is the most “walkable”. And as a San Franciscan, I am proud that my city is ranked number 1; followed by New York, Boston, and Chicago. Walk Score ranked almost 2,508 neighborhoods and it gives a score of 0 – 100 depending on its “Walkability” index. It takes into account shopping district (known as center), the density, housing demographic, parks and public space, pedestrian-centric design, school system, and the streets.

San Francisco’s Walk Score is 86. I am curious what my neighborhood Walk Score is. I entered my address and it is 100 out of 100 aka Walker’s Paradise. That’s a 14 points differential. In a political race, that would have been considered a land-slide victory. :-)

WalkScore for Inner Richmond, San Francisco

Just look at the map below. Presidio is a few blocks north and Golden Gate Park is a few blocks south. And within half a mile radius, you will find endless number of restaurants, cafes, bars, groceries stores, shops, parks, movie theaters, yoga centers, libraries, book stores, schools, etc.

WalkScore Map for Inner Richmond, San Francisco

The Song Almost Paradise is ringing in my head.

Almost Paradise, we’re knocking on heaven’s door. Almost Paradise, how could we ask for more? :-)

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