PandoMy recent trip to Mexico introduces me to a new product I have never heard of. And it’s not until I return home that I learned about it. A friend of mine sent me pictures from the trip but instead of a zip file or a link to a photo sharing website like flickr or Kodak Gallery, I got a file attachment with pando extension.

Of course, I don’t have program to open pando files. The email points me to Pando website to install the pando software so I can download the pictures my friend sent me. Pando works for both Windows and Mac. It is a P2P software. How is it different from BitTorrent? With Pando, you only share your files with the people you know. Well kinda.

Pando Client

When you upload your files to Pando, you have 3 ways to share your files:

1. Email

Only people in your email lists will receive a pando file attachment. When you open it, it will automatically load the files to your pando client for download.

2. IM

The pando client will give you the link to the file so you can copy and paste it on the IM window.

3. Web

Once you upload the file, pando will give you an embedded code (like youtube) to be posted on the web.

You can set password to your shared files but you need to upgrade your account in order to do that. For free account, Email/IM package is good for 7 days and the Web link is good for 30 days.

I guess Pando is a combination of BitTorrent and file sharing site like yousendit or rapidshare. You can pause and continue your download like BitTorrent and you have control who you share your files with like the file sharing site. The big draw for me is the 1 GB file size limit for free account. I have about 1.1 GB in pictures and videos from the trip. Sending video files through email is out of the question. And since file sharing website has a 100 Mb limit, I can’t really do it because I have a few files larger than 100 Mb. I could upload the videos to youtube but in term of video quality, the original file is so much better.

I sent two files of about 550 Mb each. I dragged and dropped the files to the Pando client, typed in their email address, and hit the send button. And I am done. Very convenient. I love it. One thing I don’t like about the website is the excessive external ads that appear on the screen. It makes the website looks so unprofessional.

Besides the file sharing feature, you can also watch some video clips. You can subscribe to one of the many channels available through their website. They have ESPN and CNN to name a few. Give it a try. You will love it as much as I do.

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