The venue is set. I will be speaking at one of the Network Marketing Event in the Bay Area I am organizing. Initially I was only helping out with organizing and promoting the event. But I have been asked to speak on some topics I have written on this blog.

I have never been comfortable speaking in public. That’s why I am writing on this blog. I can hide behind my laptop and I do not need to show my facial expression when I write; and the best part is I have the luxury of having the backspace key at my disposal. Anytime I don’t like what I just wrote, backspace to the rescue.

I guess I won’t have that luxury anymore when I speak at the event. I am a bit nervous. I know I shouldn’t. If I want to have a successful network marketing business, I need to be comfortable speaking in front of others. After all, I believe in network marketing and most importantly I believe in the product, the company, and the compensation plan. It should be a piece of cake (at least I hope so) 😉

A lot of people have left their job within a year of joining my network marketing company. I want to be the next one in line. I am semi-retired (according to some friends) and I hope to be fully retired in a year or two or three or whenever I generate enough passive income to be able to “Own My Life“.

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