One of the misconception in the Network Marketing industry is you need to recruit a lot of people. Some people will do it and do it well. But if that is your strategy in the Network Marketing, your business will not go very far. Recruiting means you are getting people into the business to be your frontline and do the work for you. The problem is the people you recruited seldom are able to duplicate what you do, i.e. recruiting a whole bunch of people.

Even if you are recruiting 10 people every month; chances are your frontline will only be 1 level deep. The first 10 people you recruited will probably quit in a few months, only to be replaced by 10 new recruits. This technique is also known as ‘adding and subtracting’. As you can see, the people you recruited into the business will not add a lot of value to your business; simply because they never stick around long enough to help you.

So instead of recruiting, you should be sponsoring. You sponsor a few friends and bring them into the business. Chances are they have a few friends that they can replicate your technique to. Sure it will start slower than Recruiting, but once it gains momentum, nothing is stopping this train.

When people tell you that you have to be a good salesperson to be successful in this business, they are mistaken. Sure, having a good sales skill helps, but if your approach to Network Marketing is the same as your approach to direct sales industry, you will FAIL.

Network Marketing is a process of duplication. If the people you sponsored are not able to duplicate what you do, you are not doing it right. You won’t be able to grow your business until the people you sponsored can duplicate and replicate what you do.

When you sponsor only a few people, it will give you the opportunity to work with them on a more personal level. You will be able to teach them what you know so it can be duplicated. When they are self-sufficient, you can sponsor a couple more. Compare that to a person who recruited 10 people a month. That person will not have the time to work with his recruits simply because he is too busy recruiting new people all the time.

So ask yourself this question. “Do I have a few friends that I would like to build a business with?” If your answer is yes, you might just be the right person to succeed in this business.

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