I wrote an article about How Healthy Are You? 2 weeks ago; talking about the importance of eating healthy. I know that article doesn’t go into details on why you should be eating healthy. With the cost of health care goes up each and every year, can you really afford to be “not healthy”?

I am not going to talk about “Sicko”, a documentary on the US health care directed by Michael Moore. I have not personally seen it so I can’t really comment on that. I have heard and read both side of the arguments. Some people applauded him for taking a stand, some despised him for being bias. But I am sure the reactions are more political than they are objective.

Anyway, before we even get to the health care issue, I think you could have saved yourself a great deal if you just take care of your body from the very beginning.

I hope the following video will explain it better in detail.

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