Bob Proctor’s Mexican Riviera Cruise is over. The one-week live seminar at sea was incredible. The seminar itself is worth more than $800. Considering I only paid $649 for the whole thing including the cabin, all the food I can eat, and one week of fun in sun including 3 days in Mexico … it is by far THE MOST BANG FOR THE BUCK vacation I’ve ever had in my life.

For the next couple of days, I will write articles about my experiences on board cruise Oosterdam, part of Holland America Cruise line. The seminars are excellent. The speakers are absolutely brilliant. I met so many people who are doing amazing things in their life.

I arrived back in San Francisco today around 3 pm. The cruise docked in San Diego at 7 am this morning. Well, I am very beat now so I am just going to give a quick shout-out to all the wonderful people I met on the cruise. In no particular order … Kendrick from SF, Brad and his wife Tracey from Long Island, NY, Simba and his siblings from New Zealand, Patrick from Sweden, Cristern from San Jose, Anil from LA, Amy from Florida, and their cabin-mate Amie, Suzie from South Dakota and her daughter Coral from Colorado, Suzanne and her sister Jeanette, Martin and Ryan from Ireland, Hans and his gf from Sydney, Australia, Nicholas from Vancouver, Atsuko from Seattle and her cabin-mate Marlyn, Simone and Angela from Sydney, Australia, DJ Issa, the piano man Brian McAllister, and of course my personal favorite Anna from Chicago.

I traveled with 6 friends from San Francisco. Edith, Stewart, Alf, Toshie, Leigh, and Sue. My cabin-mate Kendrick is also from SF but I didn’t know him prior to this trip. They are a lot of fun. I hope I’ll get to see all of them next year on the same cruise October 18, 2008 sailing to the Carribean.

The Oosterdam Cruise was sitting on the shore of Cabo San Lucas.

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