Barack Obama vs John McCain

I had a talk with a friend of mine yesterday about this year presidential election. I found out from another friend of mine that her husband is going to vote for John McCain in November although the reason was never disclosed. She was impartial as to who to vote for but during one of the discussion, the talk of higher tax under Barack Obama surfaced and might have played a part in her husband decision to vote for McCain in November.

There is no denying the fact that John McCain wants to extend the tax-cut under Bush Administration for the wealthy rich, and Barack Obama wants to let the Bush tax cut expires (affects mostly people with more than $250,000.) John McCain wants to keep the tax-cut and prolonged the Iraq war. Barack Obama on the other hand, wants to stop the war and repel the tax-cut for the wealthy rich.

People have the right to vote for whichever candidate they so wish; including the candidate who would keep more money in the taxpayer pocket.

Here is the fact figure, according to the IRS the top 10% of individual taxpayers break at Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of $103,912 (for 2005, the latest stats available). The top 1% had an AGI above $364,657. A single taxpayer with $100k in AGI will pay $4,328 more in tax. A single taxpayer in the top 1% (AGI of $364,657) will pay $13,806 more in tax. For a $100k earner, it’s a saving of $11.85 a day. For the top 1%, that means a saving of $37.82 a day.

If you are making $250,000 a year, $30 a day (estimate based on the 2 figures above) should hardly be a problem. In fact, if you are making $250,00 a year and $30 a day is a stretch for your budget, I think you have a bigger problem than just money.

Before you go to the voting booth, please consider this fact …

It’s been 1,904 days (03/20/2003) since the start of the war. And US military casualties since the war began is a staggering 4,090 people. That means more than 2 soldiers died a day as a DIRECT result of the war.

John McCain will let you (the WEALTHY rich) keep $30 a day in your pocket but will also deliver 2 dead bodies daily along with it. Barack Obama will make you pay $30 a day more, but he will bring the troops home from the harm way.

Ask yourself this question, if you can pay $30 a day to save the lives of 2 men and women in uniform, would you do it?  Vote your conscience and your priority … whatever it is.

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