Thanksgiving TurkeyBlack FridayThese are the 2 days where people turn from a sweet and nice caring person into an absolute moron. You spent the day with your family and friends on Thursday eating turkey. The moment the clock hits midnight, you turn into a complete monster. You rushed into the nearby mall or electronic retailers (probably too late by then), trampling and crushing other shoppers along the way so you can get whatever it is you want to buy so you can save a few dollars.

You have only 2 days out of a year to spend with your family; and you spend half of those time away from them so you can save 50 dollars on a DVD player? That doesn’t say much about your priority, does it? And most of the time, you are buying something you don’t even need. You bought it because it is on SALE; well at least that is what you were told.

Where did all these impulse buying come from? Have you looked at your storage room, or closet, or your garage lately? If you haven’t, please take a look and see how many things that are still new. Do you want to get in the spirit of thanksgiving? Why don’t you bring them to a local charity and donate them so people who are less fortunate get to enjoy things you no longer need.

How do you know whether you still need it? Follow these simple rules.

1. If you don’t remember owning it until you spring-clean your storage, you don’t need it.

2. If you haven’t used (worn) it in one year, you don’t need it.

3. If it is still new and you’ve had it for a year, you don’t need it.

To get in the spirit of thanksgiving, be thankful you have a place you call home. Be grateful you have family to celebrate thanksgiving with year in year out and be happy you get to feel the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

What can you do?

Make Black Friday a Black Day for the people who came up with this idea. Big retail chain-store company; the same people who make you spend the money you don’t have, buying things you can’t afford, so you can own things you don’t need.

Wake up America. This consumerism attitude has got to stop. Holiday season is not about buying gifts. It’s about sharing the joy and happiness with people who are truly special to you.

If you must get them a gift, why don’t you get them the “Gift of Time”. Spend the holiday with them.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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