Everyone in Network Marketing knows the single most difficult thing to do is finding a good prospect. Every network marketing books you read will tell you your best prospects are people you already know.

Of all the people you know, you can probably discard like half of them just because it’s simply too many. And out of the half worth pursuing, you would probably get rid a further half because you are not interested in building business with them. So now you are left with a quarter list; half of which are simply not interested and that would leave you with one eighth of the original list. And with what’s left, how many will you actually manage to bring into the business?

And that’s probably the main reason why people are buying leads on the internet. They run out of prospects from the warm market. I personally think it’s a waste of time and money. Think about it. One hot list and lots and lots of potential list buyers? It’s like Smurfette; the only female in the little blue man land. :-)

When you run out of people in your warm market, you need to branch out to prospect your cold market. Your best cold market is not out in your neighborhood. It’s not in your library, it’s not in your local coffee shop. No no no. It’s actually right on your desk and it’s at your fingertips. The Internet.

One tool that I find the most useful is social networking site. There are tons of social networking site out there so you need to be careful in selecting which social networking site will be a perfect place to find your target audience. If your target audience are teenagers, myspace is probably good for you. If your target market are high school and college students, facebook might be the place, and of course there is orkut and friendster as well; not to mention linkedin for working professionals.

There are tons of people on those sites but you need to do your prospecting carefully and diligently. Check the profile, check their interest, see what they like, introduce yourself. Don’t just shoot off message with no introduction whatsoever. Your message will not even be read. It will go straight to trash.

The social networking I am using now is Ning. It allows you to create your own social networking site. I joined The Network Marketing Hangout. Through that group I have met so many successful individuals that have been in the business for many years. I am also tinkering with another tool for prospecting but it’s too early to report how effective it is. I will report back when I see result. 😉

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